factory materials 1

I bought a scanner at salvation army for seven dollars. One of the things I package at the factory comes in a box that has this sticker on the outside, which I assume means it has passed through Hong Kong on its way to us. I cut off and saved every one I had the chance to. I tend to save little pieces of paper I'm attracted to; I think it's important to act on impulses that tell me things are awesome.


Some little icons I forgot about. When I was starting to work on ideas for my video installation with Nanette, I prepared these figures (along the same lines as the proteins series) in conjunction with some of the different sounds that eventually went into the video.

information bricolage

information bricolage

These pieces will be on display as part of my degree show at the NH Institute of Art from May 22nd to July 19th.


Poster for Grinnell College's Animation Film Festival, inspired by a sequence from Nina Paley's animated film Sita Sings the Blues.

video installation

Collaboration with Nicolas Xavier. In installation, the video portion is projected over a six foot square painting of the image above.


Collaboration with Nicolas Xavier.

sequence 01

Studies for collaboration with Nicolas Xavier.

contrasting diptych

Lower image is a reference for the painting half of the diptych. Collaboration with Nicolas Xavier of bloodsells.